destroy ()


Clutter.Actor item  
boolean visible  
boolean preventShow  
array mousePosition  

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── Tooltips.TooltipBase


This is a base class for other tooltip items to inherit. This cannot be instantiated.

All other tooltip items inherit this object. This base class is responsible for listening to mouse events and determining when to show the tooltip. When it thinks a tooltip should be shown, it calls When it thinks it should be hidden, it calls this.hide(). When the item is destroyed, it will call this._destroy();

Any object wishing to implement a tooltip should inherit this class, and then implement the three functions above. It should be noted that the sole responsibility of this class is to call the three functions above. It is thus the user's job to create the tooltip actor and position it correctly in the show function. Example implementations for reference include the Tooltips.Tooltip object as well as the WindowPreview object in the window list applet.

When calling the show function, TooltipBase will set the this.mousePosition to the mouse coordinates at which the event is triggered.

When implementing the show and hide functions, the user should set the this.visible variable to the visibility state of the tooltip. This is since calling the show function does not necessarily actually show the tooltip, eg. when the tooltip text is empty and the tooltip refuses to show. The this.visible variable should be set properly to reflect the actual status of the tooltip.

Finally, if the user wishes to inhibit the display of a tooltip, eg. when the owner is being dragged, they can set the this.preventShow variable to true.


destroy ()

destroy ();

Destroys the tooltip.

Property Details

The “item” property

  “item”                     Clutter.Actor

The object owning the tooltip.

The “visible” property

  “visible”                  boolean

Whether the tooltip is currently visible

The “preventShow” property

  “preventShow”              boolean

Whether to inhibit the display of the tooltip

The “mousePosition” property

  “mousePosition”            array

The coordinates of the event that triggered the show.