How To Find Passwords of All Connected Wi-Fi Networks using CMD

Find Wi-Fi passwords of all networks using CMD - 3-compressed

How To Find Passwords of All Connected Wi-Fi Networks using CMD

Windows command prompt is a great tool for the people who love command interface rather than Graphical UI. There are a lot of features which are still not implemented in Graphical User Interface can be accessed via CMD. In my previous articles, I’ve talked about a lot of CMD commands. In this article, I am going to share how to find out the password of all connected devices using CMD along with suitable screenshots for clear understanding.

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Before going further, you should know one thing that whenever you connect to a Wi-Fi network and enter the password,  Windows creates a WLAN profile of that Wi-Fi network. These WLAN profiles are stored in the computer alongside other required details of the Wi-Fi profile.

We can uncover these WLAN profiles later by simply using Windows CMD. You can find out all the connected networks and their passwords by using simple commands. These commands can also uncover the Wi-Fi passwords of the networks which are not connected at the moment but were connected before. So it works even when you are offline or when you are connected to any other networks. The trick just has no limitations and it’s reliable enough.

There are a lot more things you can do with CMD for Wi-Fi networks. For example, you can turn on MAC randomization, change radio type of your Wi-Fi and much more.

How to know Wi-Fi passwords using CMD?

You can open the CMD in Windows 10 by right-clicking on Windows icon.

1. Open command prompt and run it as administrator

Once you open the Command Prompt as Admin, you will have to type this command without quotes “netsh wlan show profile

Find Wi-Fi passwords of all networks using CMD - 1-compressed
This command will return the list of all the Wi-Fi networks that you have ever connected to.

From the following list, Let’s find Wi-Fi password for network “virus”.

2. Type this command without quotes “netsh wlan show profile virus key=clear”

Find Wi-Fi passwords of all networks using CMD - 2-compressed
This command will show you the complete profile of wireless network along with its password

Under security settings, in key content, you can see the Wi-Fi password for that network. I hope you found it useful. If you’ve any problem, you can comment down below.

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    • If remember right . Before you open cmd u right click on it and select run as admin… to right click on it have it pinned to the decktop as a icon.

  1. Win + R —–> ncpa.cpl —–> wifi device —– > right click —–> status ——-> wireless properties —– > seecurity ——> SHOW PASSWORD.

  2. What if you are not connected in their wifi before? Because I tried and of course the only profile that came out is the one that I connected to. Any tips on how to add profile?

    • I can use kali linux. And use buteforce with good word take around 3-7days if you are lucky. You can google hydra bruteforce to know more.

  3. not that useful bcoz it onlh show those network which are connected with me in past. It doesn’t show current wi fi available around me.

  4. not that useful bcoz it onlh show those network which are connected with me in past. It doesn’t show current wi fi available around me.
    so tell me how to get the password which are around me.

  5. How can I prevent this? On a work PC having the administrators which is everyone on my team having access to see my personal wifi password isn’t ideal. Can it be stored differently or encrypted?

    I also see the personal wifi passwords of those people that used the laptop before I got it. Yikes.

    • I don’t think any other way is available since being an Administrator will have all the privileges.. One way, may be, is don’t store the password and connect manually every time…

  6. yes how do you get a wireless network password for a device you have never connect to before, that is not listed under any of your pc profiles?

  7. Can we crack password of any wifi network without connecting ? With the help of cmd ? If possible the please tell!!!

  8. hey, i am very proud to this ssysten youve released to teache us more about computer science.
    today i am trying whatever you post, but anyway some are found to be not successfully plz helm me to know why?
    question is concern with reseting admininstrative password:i am just tried but when i reached to the step of opening command prompt(wind+r ) nothing dispalyed.that is however i press window nothing i see ,what is the problem?plz help me ia m your best followers

  9. second question is wifi password ,when i type netsh wlan show profile, result is teeling that my computer reply me that|”the wireless autoconfig service is not working” what can i do?

  10. I can’t do it with the profile has multiple words (they have a space or more in their name). The result is “There is no such wireless interface on the system”. Please show me how to find the password of these kinds of wifi.


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